WWE 2K16 - Preorder Bonus...The Terminator?

I buy a wrestling game once every 3-4 years, and while I cheaped out on the Hulk Hogan edition last year I am excited about the massive 120 character roster coming in this year's release.  However, I find including the Terminator as a preorder bonus a little weird.  First, the character is more known to fight with firearms than hand to hand.  Secondly, the idea of doing a wildly acrobatic assault like a Moonsault with the Terminator would be ridicul.....actually that would be pretty awesome.  Being a Hulk Hogan fan from way back I am sad they might be dropping him from the game as they have their website and even their Hall of Fame given the recent scandal.  If they are looking to cut more people out of their Hall of Fame check this grouping out.

The next GOP debate headliners.  #Strongbow2016

The next GOP debate headliners.  #Strongbow2016

I know that Stone Cold is the big star for this release, but I think given the recent untimely demise of "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, they should work on giving him a wonderful send off in the game and give another reason for us classic Wrestling fans a reason to purchase the game. In fact if they added Keith David and you could wrestle him in an alley like in They Live, I would buy 3 copies RIGHT NOW.

WWE 2K16 - Xbox One
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