DX Racing Chair Review - Treat Yo Self!

Click here and check out their selection.  

Click here and check out their selection.  

A few months ago my desktop chair started falling apart, the fake leather was rubbing off on my clothes and some of the cracks were starting to scratch me when I moved in the chair.  I felt it was finally time to buy a nice chair for my office.  I started researching options and I decided the high end leather chairs were too expensive and some of them were better at looking good than being comfortable.  Then I discovered the DX Racer chairs.  They are made more specifically for gamers, or racing enthusiasts as they convert racing bucket seats into stylish chairs.  I enjoy the high backs for a fully supported recline and the added cushions for comfort.  I have had the chair for 4 months now and it is holding up pretty well.  I had a problem with the original base and when I contacted their support with a picture I had a new base at my house just few days later.  This is the type of chair you could enjoy for a marathon session of gaming or to doze off in while watching a little Netflix at your desk.  If you are willing to spend a little more money on a high quality chair I would recommend DX Racer instead of a chair from Staples which will fall apart in a year or two.  

Some of their chairs are even available through Amazon.

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