Guest Post - Special Editions...A Love Story

On occasion we at Gaming with Swag will allow a friend to write up an article, today we feature an Xbox Achievement junkie  - Dave Kibler.

Are you all-in for the Special Edition??

       Back in the day when I first started playing Video Games (NES Era) there was a certain buying process that happened with every game.  This process was simple; go to the store, purchase a copy of a game, go home, play the crap out of it, and put it on the shelf.  That's how I operated for a very long time until I was introduced to the "Special Edition" that awoke the collector inside of me.  Those two words changed the way I bought games forever.  Why would I want to buy just a standard copy of a game when I can get some sweet sweet swag with it?

       I remember my first special edition was the Warcraft 3:Reign of Chaos.  I bought it in July 2002 from Gamestop for about $110.00 and from then on I was hooked on the phrase "Special Edition"

       That was a long time ago, now I think the game companies are competing with each other to see who can come up with the coolest and most expensive special edition games.  Take the Fallout 4 Pip Boy Edition for example, IT COMES WITH A WORKING PIP BOY! Are you kidding me, what is cooler than that? (Editor's note: a Pip Boy is an interface device worn on someone's wrist within the Fallout Universe) This was followed by the Call of Duty Black Ops 3: Juggernog Edition.  This beast comes with a working fridge that can hold a 12 pack of be..Soda! A working fridge for my game room, someone pinch me before I die of a nerd-attack.  Yes, these editions are well over $100, or over $500 on ebay for that Juggernog edition if you didn't get one before it sold out.  But really how much is too much to get your favorite games decked out and delivered to your door?

I am looking forward to this trend continuing or escalating, maybe Call of Duty 17 will come with a working MP5 with digital camo and branded live rounds.  It could happen right?  If you haven't splurged and had one of these monster boxes full of awesomeness come to your house, think about it when your next favorite game is announced.  Go all in for that special edition, I would and probably did.

Maybe $250 is too much...or not...

Maybe $250 is too much...or not...

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