Hello World!

This is the very first post here on Gaming With Swag, and we want to welcome you!  Now, you can go to any news aggregator for the latest news, or reddit for commentary on different subjects.  So why choose here?  Well, we provide a very unique take on video game reviews, news, and merchandise that seems to be missing from elsewhere on the Internet.  With the everyday life of a Father being jammed packed full of family events, it's hard to find time to game.  I look at my Steam library and spend 15 minutes just deciding what to boot up!  This is a crucial 15 minutes that could be spent gaming.

So we are here to inform you. We don't need to post in depth reviews of technical prowess and why you should get one version of a game over the other.  The dads we surveyed want a few things when looking for video games:

  • Is it worth my precious time / Is it fun? - I lump these two things together because I feel like they go hand in hand. In my opinion something that isn't fun, isn't worth your time.  However, this does not mean that it might not be a "bad game".  Sometimes, those "bad games" according to review aggregates are some of the most fun. (Usually because they are so bad.)
  • How much is it?  Can I get it cheaper?  At what price point would you recommend?  I feel like this is important, as in a digital age, games drop in price very fast, or bundled with other games for only a few bucks.  We plan on bringing attention to sales we think you would like.
  • Where is the swag? Swag is essential in the video game industry for developers and publishers alike to advertise their game. Sometimes this is done through local promotions at gaming events, sometimes cool merchandise or digital items are given away as a preorder bonus.  We would like to bring you the info on cool swag that is obtainable for different game titles.

In addition, we plan on doing some really cool things like retro reviews and quick play throughs via our YouTube channel.  Maybe it is just highlighting certain features of a game, or a cool unboxing video that we would like to share with you.

Also, we want to hear from YOU! What do you want to see?  What would make you visit us in your normal daily rotation? Check out our Contact Us page and drop us a line, or comment below.  We are always looking for feedback on the site.

Thanks for checking us out, now lets get to some games!

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