Quick Play Game Spotlight - One Finger Death Punch

It's Hump Day and here in the middle of the week you realize you won't get to sink your teeth into a big game until the weekend comes. So where do you pour the few minutes you have available?  Today we have a game that you can play for as little as 2 minutes to escape from your daily stress.

One Finger Death Punch

This game has a very simple control scheme, you attack to the right with the right mouse button, and the same for the left.  With that simplicity I thought this game would be fun but tiring after a little while, but it wisely punishes button mashing and makes you wait to time the attacks correctly so it actually gets quite difficult to master.  The bad guys start to have interesting twists of their own and with the addition of some devastating weapons and over-the-top animation this game can quickly take your mind off of work.

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