Mini Metro - Subway simplicity at its finest

Mini Metro is a minimalistic rail line builder developed by Dinosaur Polo Club. This strategy game is still in early access, and is being updated regularly.

Mini Metro

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PC / Mac
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes (22)
  • Steam Trading Cards:  No
  • Controller Support: None

High Level Premise - Subway / rail builder and strategy game. Build your metro lines throughout the city, but do not let your stations overcrowd, or Game Over.

Graphics/Style -  Very minimalistic and modern style, but animations are smooth and the colors are vibrant

Music / Sound Effects - The sounds for the special attacks are pretty satisfying you start to yearn to hear them.

Story - You are in charge of building a Metro for a city, now go do it before people get impatient, gosh!

Replay-ability - Every city in Mini Metro is randomly generated, so the game plays different every time. One of Mini Metro's strong suits.

Time Commitment - Depending on how good you get at Mini Metro, a session could last a very long time. The first time I played, my metro did not last more than 4 minutes.  My average after I played more was about 15 minutes.

Value - This is a great deal at $6.99, something unique and relaxing.  After losing, it will make you say "just one more time" and sucks you back in.

Multiplayer - N/A, The only mention is there are leaderboards for your score.

Favorite Element - Nite Mode! Invert the background, making it easier on my eyes.  Once I figured that out, I never went back.

Mini Metro is an excellent time waster for minutes per gaming session. This game is very unique, and is unlike anything I have ever played. The only feature I wish they had was a quick 1-minute tutorial on what should be accomplished. Once I figured it out, and found the Nite mode option, I fell in love with Mini Metro.  You should definitely check this out if you are into Strategy, Simulation, railroad building, or just want a quick 5-minute distraction. Considering how much polish this title has, I look forward to seeing what Dinosaur Polo Club comes up with next.

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