Steam Summer Sale 2015 Pickups - Chris

I thought it would be neat for everyone to see what we picked up on the Steam Summer sale this year.  There were lots of good deals to be had, it was tough deciding what to buy and what to pass on. Here is a list of what I acquired during this awesome sale:

  • Out There Somewhere - $0.19 - I missed the boat on this one recently, gotta pick it up to see what all of the fuss is about!
  • Turbo Dismount - $2.49 - This game has been on my Wishlist for sometime, finally glad I grabbed it cheap.
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer - $7.49 - I have been waiting for this to drop, you have to check this out. Dungeon Crawler + Rhythm game. Review coming soon.
  • Tomb Raider Reboot - $3.99 - Lets see what all of the fuss is about.
  • Apotheon - $3.74 - The art style on this game is amazing, highly praised by other critics.
  • Geometry Dash - $2.39 - Another one on the Wishlist that hit the right price.
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! -$0.99 - Same here too.
  • Final Fantasy IV & Final Fantasy IV After years Bundle - $16.09 - Oh man, I love these games. I have them on Nintendo DS and various other entries, but I am finally glad to own the entire After Years episodes in one spot.
  • The Settlers Rise of a Kingdom & Heritage of Kingdoms - $14.99 - Two games I have been meaning to play for awhile since I loved the original and it's sequel.
  • Super Killer Hornet: Ressurection - $0.74 - An indie SHMUP I have been wanting to try for cheap.
  • Super Win the Game - $3.99 - Man this game looks amazing. Looks just like NES games of my childhood.
  • Civilization: Beyond Earth & Sid Meier’s Starships Bundle - $22.19 - I Love Civ V. Around $20 for both of these games is well worth it, even though I hear Beyond Earth needs an expansion. Review coming soon.
  • Legacy of Kain collection - $4.99 - Four Legacy of Kain games from PS1/PS2 eras for under five bucks? SOLD.
  • Waveform - $0.19 - A highly praised indie game, looking forward to trying this one out.
  • Chuck’s Challenge 3D - $0.99 - A spiritual successor to the old Chip's Challenge game from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack. Perfect price for something like this.
  • Woodley Tree Adventures - $0.23 - A platformer that looks like it could have been released on Sega Saturn. Perfect price for something like this.

Grand Total Spent on the Steam Summer Sale 2015 - $85.68

Luckily I had a Steam Wallet Gift card already loaded in which I got during the Best Buy deal the other week!  What did you grab during this year's Summer Sale? Comment below!

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