5 Announcements from E3 that are pre-spending my money

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (WiiU)

This game continues to haunt my dreams and might make it worthwhile to buy a WiiU.  Actually it strikes me odd that Nintendo continues to have exclusive rights to this game which seems out of step with the rest of their lineup of titles.  But if you have played any of the Fatal Frame games, or if you love the sensation of being scared out of your mind, this game should be on your “must list”.  And feel free to buy several copies as they didn’t even release the last one in the US so we have to show them we want them all stateside. 

Fallout 4 (Multi Platform)

Fallout 3 was near perfect, and while New Vegas had some problems I overlooked many to continue playing in this world.  This is wonderful news, not only that it is coming, but coming sooner than we expected in November.  I will be shopping pre-order deals for this one.

Mass Effect: Andromeda (Multi Platform)

I loved this series from the beginning, and although I worry about how this game will work within my schedule since I typically played this game for hours on end, I can’t wait to see what is in store for what I imagine will be a new trilogy.

The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes (3DS)

I have enjoyed Link and his adventures on the handheld systems more than I have on the big screen going back to N64.  Link Between Worlds is one of the first games in a long time that I beat not once but twice to experience every sweet morsel the game had for me, so I am pumped for another venture through Hyrule on the 3DS.   

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

I don’t know why they didn’t launch with this feature but I am glad they were shamed into it.  I want this feature to be a staple for any system launch that sticks with the same game medium (disks, cartridges, etc).  But I am more interesting in upgrading my 360 now that I don’t leave all those sweet games behind.


The best of the rest – Uncharted 4, Super Mario Maker, Gears of War 4, The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII (Redux)

No Portal or Half-Life 3? Maybe next year.

Hero Siege - Diablo meets classic Gauntlet or Smash TV

Super Mario Maker & Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes - Best Buy Nintendo Access Event