Fallout 4 is on the way, but do I have time to play it?

I have always been a fan of the Fallout series, this series of games brings something unique to the table that engrosses me unlike most other games. The kind of game that you figure you can do "just one more thing" before you have to do something that's probably more important like eat or sleep.  After checking my log on Fallout 3, I have DAYS of game time logged since I purchased the special edition on launch in 2008.  That was a different time then, I was not married, I had no children. I had what seemed like endless amounts of time to sit down and adventure through the post-apocalyptic world of Washington D.C. and lose track of time.  I eventually beat that game, one of the few games I can say that about in the past decade.


If I am honest to myself, I do not have the time to play Fallout 4. With a world that is larger than its predecessor Fallout 3, and missions that require attention to detail and long sessions of gameplay, I am afraid that I won't get the same experience as I did with the previous installment in the series.  But on the positive side of things, I see this as an extra challenge.  Completing an epic adventure game like Fallout or Skyrim I feel has a different feeling of achievement than say when I was fifteen and had all of the time in the world.  It will be difficult acquiring Nuka-Cola quantums and bobbleheads in between work, family life, and social schedules, but I am up to the challenge.

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