Funko Pop – Video Game Edition

Me and my wife are fans of the Funko Pop line of figures.  I have a Lando Calrissian staring at me as I write this, but I think almost all the video games that I really dig are not represented by the product.  So I thought I would kick off my writing on this site about games and their paraphernalia by discussing where Funko Pop have crossed paths with Video games and perhaps where I would like to see it go in the future.  I will first acknowledge the video games sets that have been released, Mass Effect (It is weird seeing the Shepherd that isn’t the one that I custom made in the game, like “who is that guy?”), Assassins Creed, God of War, World of Warcraft, Borderlands, Starcraft, Diablo’s Tyriel, Sackboy from Little Big Planet, and Evolve.  And there are also a ton of characters that are more famous in comics or movies that also are in games like almost any superhero, Harry Potter, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, etc.  But given the huge landscape of video game history it seems like a generally untapped market.  Since Funko Pop are at their base level affordable collectables with a unique almost Caricature take on famous likenesses I think there are many hard earned dollars they could squeeze out of my pockets by getting their hands on more video game characters.

First, Street Fighter.

Let's take it again, Bison had his eyes closed.  Dhalsim be sure not to hover out of frame.

Let's take it again, Bison had his eyes closed.  Dhalsim be sure not to hover out of frame.

Any good Funko Pop starts with an iconic and unique looking character.  There are plenty of examples of typical white guy looking characters and the Funko line doesn’t serve them well.  But Street Fighter and many video game licenses would translate perfectly.  My first line up would be

1.      Ryu

2.      M. Bison

3.      Chun Li

4.      E. Honda

5.      Sagat

6.      Blanka

They often release in groups of 6.  This would hit a couple of popular characters but allow them to hold some choice ones for the next wave or two (Ken, Guile, Vega, Dhalsim, Zangief, Cammy perhaps).   You don’t think people would be clamoring to get the Exclusive glow in the dark electro-Blanka?  Or maybe an Amazon Exclusive beaten up Ryu?  This line would print money.

Or maybe Street Fighter's parent company Capcom doesn’t have to stop with Street Fighter.  They have a bevy of licenses ripe for harvest including this potential line

1.      Mega Man

2.      Dr. Wily

3.      Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

4.      Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)

5.      Nathan Spencer (Bionic Commando)

6.      Strider

But I would love to see any number of these video game characters brought to life by Funko, especially some characters that don’t exist in the toy realm already like anything by Nintendo.  Maybe they make some deals with smaller companies and make any number of these happen.  Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments to pad my top 20 that is in no particular order.

1.      Big Daddy (Bioshock)

2.      Raiden (Mortal Kombat)

3.      Solid Snake with Eye Patch (Metal Gear Solid)

4.      Chell (Portal)

5.      Dr. Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)

6.      Hatty Hattington (Battleblock Theater)

7.      Sir Arthur (Ghouls and Ghosts)

8.      Marcus Fenix (Gears of War)

9.      Earthworm Jim

10.   Sam and Max

11.   Duke Nukem

12.   Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

13.   Cloud (Final Fantasy 7)

14.   Parappa the Rapper

15.   Abobo (Double Dragon)

16.   Bomberman

17.   Rash/Pimple/Zitz (Battletoads)

18.   Mecha Hitler (Wolfenstein) Can you imagine explaining this toy to someone?!

19.   Captain LeChuck (Secret of Monkey Island)

20.   James Pond

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