Star Wars Battlefront Multiplayer Review

Star Wars Battlefront 


  • Platform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC
  • Players: 1-2 (co-op) ; Multiplayer battles online
  • Achievements - Yes
  • etail Price - $59.99

High Level Premise – Large-scale multiplayer battles on classic Star Wars planets

Graphics/Style – Similar to many Star Wars movies, graphics are incredibly well done.

Music/Soundtrack – Hints of John Williams classic score are scattered throughout the game.

Story – Not much of a story or campaign other than missions. The focus here is multiplayer.

Replay-ability – Every match is different, with 24 different maps, plus free and paid DLC coming out soon, there is plenty to keep coming back to.

Value – There is plenty of Star Wars here to play with, casual players and hardcore Star Wars fans will will have a lot of fun with this game.

Favorite Element - Controlling one of the heroes or villains. Nothing screams awesome like ripping through a bunch of the opposing team with a lightsaber.

I was really hesitant to pick this game up. I really like Star Wars, and I loved the first two Battlefront games on my original Xbox console. However after information started to trickle in about the lack of space battles, and some of the removal of certain key elements from the first game, I began to worry.  I also have not been too impressed with the last couple Battlefield games released, as the same developer (DICE) has developed Star Wars: Battlefront as well. After several friends encouraging me to get the game, I finally did recently pick it up on sale on Amazon. I am glad I listened to them, because this game is just short of amazing.

Playing Walker Assault mode, protect (or take down) those AT-ATs!!

The two main modes of play are Fighter Squadron and Walker Assault.  There are other modes as well, but these are the two I spend the most time playing.  Walker Assault consists of 2-3 AT-AT walkers that are progressing forward on the map. The Rebels must destroy them before they reach the end or game over. The Imperials must defend them before they are destroyed or game over.  The main way you can prevent the AT-ATs from advancing is to keep the rebel uplink areas online.  When they are up for a certain period of time, the shields of the AT-AT dissipate leaving them vulnerable to attack. Keeping control of these uplink areas is critical for success for both teams.  Many different weapons, vehicles and power-ups are scattered throughout the map, that can aid each side in their goal.  There are also "Hero Tokens" that can be picked up that allow you to play as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and other recognizable characters from the Star Wars universe.

Actual in-game screenshot of Fighter Squadron mode.

Fighter Squadron is all flying action, focusing on dogfighting. You control a rebel or imperial ship, and your goal is to protect or destroy transport ships trying to leave the area.  Controlling X-wings and Tie Fighters has not been this much fun since the 90s. There are also "Ship Tokens" that allow you to fly as classic vessels such as the Millennium Falcon and Slave I.  Overall this mode is a lot of fun, but the matches can be really short with some lasting under five minutes depending on how good your team is (or is not.) I hope they tweak the scoring a bit to make the matches last a bit longer, or add more objectives to complete. I also would love to see some space battles take place as well, hopefully in future DLC.

Overall Star Wars Battlefront is a great addition to this current gaming generation library. I hope future enhancements will be revealed for DLC, and not just put away for Star Wars Battlefront 2 in a few years.  I am very excited to play the two new free "Battle of Jakku" maps and the new "Turning Point" gameplay mode which was released yesterday.  If you are a Star Wars fan or are remotely interested in the series, you should definitely try to pick up Star Wars: Battlefront.  Wait, scratch that. DO pick it up. There is no try.

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