Nintendo Quest Review - Gotta Catch'em all!!!

Nintendo Quest

Nintendo Quest
Starring Jay Bartlett, Rob McCallum, Mason Cramer, Todd Rogers, John Pompa


  • Platform: DVD / Streaming
  • Players: Watch it alone or with your Gaming Buddies
  • Achievements: You don't get any, but the main character sure does.
  • Runtime: 92 minutes
  • Retail Price: $3.99 - $19.99

High Level Premise – A Nintendo collector is challenged by his friend to acquire all Nintendo Games released in the NTSC region. He has 30 days, and cannot use the Internet for any purchases.

Graphics/Style – Documentary road trip

Music/Soundtrack – It has some retro chip tune sound effects, the soundtrack is good and can be found here.

Story – Jay and Rob are BFFs.  Rob sends Jay on a quest to acquire all Nintendo Entertainment System games in 30 days. Through highs and lows, they travel all around North America looking for games worth pennies to thousands of dollars.

Replay-ability – Once you know the ending, it's a little hard to go back. Although I think the second time through I would just watch Rob's facial expressions to analyze what he is thinking.

Value – There is no doubt it's worth the $3.99 to rent, but you should buy it because it looks cool on the shelf, and they have some awesome Capcom-esque artwork on the case and disc.

Favorite Element - The Villain. I will say no more.

I recently picked up the Nintendo Quest DVD at my favorite local game store Next Level Video Games.  For $19.99, I couldn't resist seeing someone attempt an incredible feat of trying to acquire all 678 originally released games in North America. This is not including things like Sachen titles, homebrews, test carts, Racermate, Nintendo World Championship cartridge, or other oddities. Jay just needs games that were released at retail. Still, this is an incredible task to do in just 30 short days. I almost forgot, Jay cannot use the Internet to purchase any of the cartridges. And he cannot count any of the existing cartridges in his collection, he must acquire them again. However, Jay is up to the task to journey across the United States and Canada to acquire all of these in a months time.

The ultra rare Stadium Events Cartridge - Image Courtesy of

Along the way you will dive into the psyche that is Jay Bartlett and share the highs and lows of this incredible journey to attain a complete Nintendo Entertainment System collection.  There are a few things that intrigued me from the start.  The first is they are including in the 678 count, the ultra rare Stadium Events cartridge.  This cartridge is famous for being nothing other than a game that was quickly pulled from the market, to later be rebranded as World Class Track Meet. Stadium Events can reach up to thousands of dollars at an auction, where as World Class Track Meet is not worth more than two dollars shipped.  This is obviously the hardest cartridge that Jay will have to attempt to track down and acquire.  There are other rare cartridges as well that command a pretty high price and are difficult to find.  However, as a fellow collector I would say that over 500 cartridges are easily obtainable for a fair price.

The most interesting thing about the documentary is that you never really know what Jay's total budget was, or what he spent.  I would love to know how much cash he dropped in some of the transactions he made, but I also understand why that was kept quiet.  As Jay acquires various games, he checks them off his list and his "Money Meter" depletes.  Along the way there are a few special guest stars and leaders in the retro-gaming community that make an appearance in the film. This allows different outside perspectives from all over the country to analyze what Jay is doing, and provide commentary on the tremendous quest at hand. Overall, I really enjoyed Nintendo Quest, and it is a nice piece to add to the collection. Rob and his team did a great job of directing, producing, and editing this film as I always felt engaged to the story.  I look forward to another film, possibly a sequel! It would be amazing to see a "Super Nintendo Quest" documentary to acquire all Super Nintendo cartridges.  So does Jay "catch them all"? Well that would just ruin the film wouldn't it!? Make sure you check out Nintendo Quest, a must watch for any video game collector.

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