Xenoblade Chronicles X - The Game I want to play, but I have no time.

The Landscapes in Xenoblade Chronicles X are breathtaking.

Xenoblade as of today has three games that have been released here in the United States on various Nintendo platforms. Regarded as one of the best JRPGs on the Nintendo roster, Xenoblade is one of those titles that sucks you in and doesn't let go for 100+ hours.  Being a father of two this scares me.  I already am sucked in with Fallout 4, and all other extra video game time seems to go towards Black Ops III, Halo 5, and Battlefront.  Xenoblade Chronicles X releases today with a huge critical success. With averaging an 85 on Metacritic, this game is hard to ignore. The visuals are looking quite impressive for the WiiU, which often gets criticized of being the underpowered system of the big three companies.  Gameplay looks smooth, and the story I hear is undeniably addictive.

This looks like an intense battle against a Whim

Just like the previous titles in the series, word on the Internet is the game REALLY starts to get good after 30+ hours in. Wait, what? That's crazy and intriguing that the game gets even better that far along. There also is a cool special edition they released and a hardcover collector's guide as well. I could totally see myself getting addicted to this game quickly if I had some more time. Unfortunately it's just not there, and I am jealous of the people who have the ability to sit down and experience something awesome like Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Maybe when I am retired I will play through all of the JRPGs that I never had a chance to play!

If you are a fan of the series, I am sure you are going to like this game, as my understanding is that it is a top-notch sequel to one of the hidden gems in the Nintendo catalog. For you collectors out there, for the most part Xenoblade games and related merchandise have either retained value or increased in value. Rarely do these go on sale. If you find a good deal, pick it up. You may regret not owning it later on down the road!

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