Contra 8-bit NES Figures announced from NECA

NECA is one of the few toy companies that focuses on retro toys.  Picking some of the best (and worst) licensed video games out there, NECA has been highly successful in selling action figures based on retro video games like Rambo, Friday the 13th, Batman, and Robocop. (Below) Today, NECA has announced that a pair of figures of Bill and Lance from the original 8-bit Nintendo classic Contra will be released soon. One using the machine gun and the other using the classic spread weapon and a floating power-up, these look to be pretty true to the source material. unfortunately these will not be available until April 2016. Check out our slideshow below:

I don't know about you, but I will definitely be grabbing these! What do you think, will you be picking these up? Comment below!

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