Pizza Express Review - Deeper than a Deep Dish Pizza!

Pizza Express

The orders get frantic, but it's a lot of fun to make some crazy pizzas!


  • Platform: PC
  • Players: 1
  • Achievements: Yes
  • Steam Trading Cards: Yes
  • Controller Support: No
  • Retail Price: $6.99

High Level Premise – Make some Pizzas quickly for your customers to earn cash, or go out of business

Graphics/Style – Retro Pixelated graphics filled with humorous dialogue

Music/Soundtrack – Quirky, old school sounds to match the graphical style.

Story – The Pizza shop needs a new worker to make pizzas or it will go out of business.

Replay-ability – Pizza orders seem to be random, making it different each time.

Value – Easily worth the price of admission, but has been discounted and bundled previously.

Favorite Element - The overall style has to be my favorite, brings back memories of Pizza Tycoon on PC. However, the simulation rivals this element as it's way more in depth than it needs to be. It's also filled with humor throughout and constantly breaking the fourth wall.

Sure that works, or Little Nero's, Pizza in your Mouth, etc.

First off, let me start out by saying I am a huge fan of Pizza Tycoon my Microprose from back in the 1990's. This game took up many hours of my youth, and is one of my favorite simulation games of all time. Twenty years later enter Pizza Express, an indie simulation title developed by Onni Interactive.  On the surface, the game has a pretty basic concept that has been done before. You are a short order cook that needs to make pizzas for your customers accurately and quickly.  The story starts out with a pizza shop that is going to close if you do not step in and take over and become head chef of the restaurant. Your goal is to attract more and more customers by creating pizzas as fast as you can. The faster you can deliver, the more customers you can attract, but make sure you make the right pizzas! But as time goes on, the game expands into a simulation that has more depth than at first glance.  The storyline is quite impressive for a simulation game, that includes speech choices and different reactions from the assorted in-game characters. Eventually you are able to look up your stats, make projections, and influence specific important people around town to come eat at your pizzeria. You are also able to use profits to decorate your restaurant with pinball machines, jukeboxes, better furniture, and more. Just don't break your budget!

Manage everything from suppliers, tables, hours, profit margins, and more in Pizza Express.

As you progress, you are able to customize the menu with your own doughy creations and try to sell them to your customers. With some experimenting, you will find out what works and what doesn't for your customers. You are also able to recruit different suppliers to provide the ingredients needed for your pizza, to find the best profit margin possible to improve upon your business. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes economic sims, short-order cooking games, and of course pizza lovers.  The only main complaint I have about the game is there is no Mac version currently available, it seems as though this would be an easy port. Don't sleep on Pizza Express, there is a decent simulation underneath the retro graphics and cutesy characters.

Trailer for Pizza Express

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