Steam Sale - My favorites under 15 bucks

Your one stop shop for Tomb Raider.

Your one stop shop for Tomb Raider.

While this steam sale is not as exciting as usual, unless you enjoy mysteries, as we have no idea what the mystery cards you get by scrolling through your recommended game queues will grant you.  Gone are the mini games and flash sale impulse purchases, but there are still deals to be had.  Here are the 10 games that I recommend for under 15 bucks so be sure to grab some before the holidays are over. 

Black Mesa – $9.59 (52% Off) Since there are not even good rumblings for a Half Life 3, this can scratch the itch for a little while.

Verdun – $13.79 (40% Off) I spoke about this on the site before, but a game trying to recapture the insanity of trench warfare from World War 1 is something that we have needed in the FPS genre.

Rocket League – $13.99 (30% Off) This game is wildly popular and this price should bring in another wave of players.

Tales from the Borderlands – $8.49 (66% Off) I was waiting for this to drop below 10 bucks and this is my moment.

Tomb Raider – $4.99 (75% Off) This game was surprisingly great, if you didn’t check this out because of the previous games being weak give it a chance. 

The Wolf Among Us (Complete Series) – $6.24 (75% Off) – Another Tell Tale series following the characters from the Fables comics. You can now cheaply run through the whole saga instead of waiting for the next episode.

FTL (Faster than Light) – $3.99 (60% Off) – Many people already have this game, but if you somehow didn’t hear about it 4 bucks is a great value to catch up.

Battleblock Theater – $3.74 (75% Off) Behemoth followed up Castle Crashers with another addictive and silly game.  The group play isn’t quite as strong as Crashers but for less than 4 dollars you will have nothing to complain about here.

L.A. Noire – $4.99 (75% Off) Sometimes you need a unique palette cleanser between games and I think this game was excellent to lose a few hours in, especially if you love Noir films like Chinatown. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – $4.99 (75% Off) Calculating the hours of enjoyment per dollar this game is a no brainer if you don’t already own it. I would say even a cursory playthrough of this game would be 60 hours so about 8 cents an hour for some excellent swords and sorcery RPG delight. 

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