Wishing for more depth in the colonization of Fallout 4

When you play Fallout 4 for a little while you are given the ability to build up settlements and gain Settlers for said settlements.  In each location you are the supreme leader with no oversight to your power.  You give people their jobs which is typically one of these 5 - Armed Watchman, Supply Line Caravan, Shopkeep, Farmer, and Scavenger.  You assign them based on your need or whim with no thought to their skill or desire.  You can arm them as you see fit, and since they arrive carrying almost nothing it is wise to do so for at least the armed guards.  I find that I like the settlement building aspects of Fallout, but I almost wish it was a little deeper in regard to the settlers like it is with the resource management that allows you to build.  It would be awesome if you were scouring the world for skilled people that would join your settlements and brought something unique to them.  They can have skills of their own that make it worth acquiring them, or they can unlock new functionality like a Mechanic who allows you to make some new machines.  You can still have low skill random people, but it would then be exciting to find a green thumbed person who could enhance your food production, or a skilled Mercenary to watch the front gate.  That little extra depth to the town building would have been a nice addition and would make meeting new people more interesting to see if you can persuade them to live under your rule.  In addition, it would fill the town with characters with a little more personality that you found in the wasteland instead of generic people you move around like pawns.  Wouldn’t you defend your settlements more fiercely if your beloved Scientist and Gun Merchant were in there?  This simple addition in an expansion might add a lot of customization, reward, and some higher stakes to the current settlement set up and I would love to see it incorporated in the future.

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