World of Nintendo - Metroid 6-inch action figure unboxing and review

I recently finally acquired the World of Nintendo Metroid 6-inch figure from my good friend Portnoyd, who was lucky enough to acquire one from Toys R Us when they had them in stock for a limited time! I had a great deal of trouble trying to secure one of these as quantities always seemed to be very limited and would sell out quickly.  The MSRP on this figure is $14.99, but the second hand market has these selling for sometimes over $50.00!  There are actually two prints of this figure. The original 1st print is the one I have in the video below. In the reprint, Nintendo and Jakks have changed the plastic of the Metroid to become more translucent and less cloudy. Check it out in my review below:

Chris does an unboxing and reviews the popular World of Nintendo 6-inch Metroid action figure. Does it live up to the hype? Click to Subscribe

Overall, I am quite happy with this figure, as there isn't anything quite like it on the market today.  I would love to see other Metroid figures developed, like Kraid, Ridley, and Mother Brain. Other Nintendo universes should be considered as well as I would love some decent quality Punch-Out! and Kid Icarus figures.  I am sure if Jakks keeps up the good work, we will see more figures soon, and I cannot wait to see what is released next!

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