Silent Hill: Downpour Comic Review

Silent Hill Downpour which was released 3 years ago on Xbox360 and PS3 may not have been the most popular entry in the series but I certainly had its fans and now they get a comic series to further explore the characters and this town.  At first I  didn't think Silent Hill was a natural fit for this medium because so much of the game is locked into video game specific experiences, namely an unreliable narrator (you are unsure what is real or imagination/nightmare) and isolation within a terrible scenario.  Comics need exposition and people to talk to in order to move the plot forward, and this series is full of people interacting.  But maybe that is exactly why this is a good fit for those fans as it brings something different to the table.  If the game had these interactions it would take away from the atmosphere, something you don't have to worry about in a comic and you can do even more exploration with flashbacks which are employed often to tell Anne's story who was not the lead character in the game where you played as the escaped convict she is hunting down with a personal vendetta.

The artwork is solid from Tristan "T-Rex" Jones who worked on TMNT, Ghostbusters, and recently worked on the great Mad Max Fury Road Prequel series from Vertigo.  Despite the series being very dark and foggy like the game, he has some wonderful haunting images that are worth seeing like this one below.  The story was written by Tom Waltz who has had his hands on almost every property that IDW has, so if you read Ghostbusters, TMNT, Borderlands, Dead Rising, or The Other Dead you are probably familiar with his work and this adaptation fits well within the Silent Hill world.  If you love the Silent Hill franchise I think this is worth exploring for a nice stand alone feature which you can enjoy even if you didn't play the Downpour game.  

We can't have one working street light?

We can't have one working street light?

Silent Hill Downpour: Anne's Story
By Tom Waltz, Tristan Jones

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