Top 15 Most Satisfying and Unique Weapons in Video Game History

I don't know who Dawn is, but she is angry.

I don't know who Dawn is, but she is angry.

When you play a combat game or a first person shooter you almost always gravitate toward a particular weapon that fits your playing style.  You may like the up close and devastating impact of shotguns, or choose to chase sweet skill shots from afar with a Sniper Rifle, but some games give you items that fill your heart with glee at the chance to unleash them.  This list celebrates some of the more creative and satisfying weapons from the annals of video game history. 

Gravity Hammer - Halo Series
    Smashing someone with a Gravity Hammer sending them flailing wildly across the room made Halo multiplayer particularly addictive.  You had to try to create opportunities for close range combat and when you get to deliver the blow it was a thrill like few others.  And if you played a match where everyone had the Hammers it was comic mayhem worth rewatching.

Red Turtle Shell - Mario Kart Series
    When you run across a question block in Mario Kart you begin hoping with all your heart for the sweet Red Turtle shell that will hunt down your closest competitor and take them out of your way.  There is something to say for the thrill of timing an accurate hit with a green shell, but when the Red shows up you can smile knowing that justice will be served.

The BFG 9000 - Doom
    This gun took some getting used to, as you would often blow yourself up, but once you got the hang of it this weapon was pure destruction and made you feel confident going into battle against the hordes of hell.

Quad Shotgun - Bulletstorm
    A shotgun gone crazy, this game of extravagance gave us one of the most punishing tools in history.  Nothing could handle the force this monster brought to the party.

RC-XD - Call of Duty Black Ops
    Controlling a remote controlled car with a bomb strapped to it into the enemy base was a wonderful new addition to the Call of Duty franchise.  They were often easy to miss and could sneak up on your enemies who were sure to curse their screens at your success.

The Hammer of Dawn - Gears of War (Pictured up top)
    This death beam from space could only be used outside where you could unleash the power of a satellite laser on your quarry.  It was tense waiting for it to power up and to keep it aimed on the right spot, but when you got it right you felt power like few in history can understand.

The M490 Blackstorm - Mass Effect Series
    Summon a singularity or Black Hole near your quarry and suck them into the nothingness of space.  Having someone who has been frustrating you clawing to keep out of the void is immensely satisfying. 

Spread Gun - Contra
    Without the Konami Code you were praying to get the Spread weapon so you could bathe the screen in bullets and roll through the levels with your greatest fear being mistiming a jump.  If you played with a friend it was a scramble to be the first to get it. 

The Blades of Chaos - God of War
    This game works because the main weapons provided to Kratos are addictively wonderful to wield.  The variety and flow these chained blades afford you make tearing through hordes of enemies a delight.

The Land Shark Gun - Armed and Dangerous
    Similar to the Shark-o-Matic from Saints Row this gun sends a fin swimming toward your prey regardless of the surface they are on and then they are mercilessly devoured by a shark. This gun never gets old.

The Gravity Gun - Half Life 2
    This weapon allowed for a lot of creativity as almost anything could become a weapon when you play with the laws of the natural universe.  I loved tossing the bad guys into one another, or just as far as I can throw them.

The Cerebral Bore - Turok
    A gun that delivers a bullet that continues to drill into the brain of its target.  Watching a dinosaur squirm as it makes it way deeper is pretty wild.

The Electrodriver - Painkiller
    This dual mode weapon could launch exploding shurikens or a maddening electric charge at your enemies, and if you alternated buttons you could stagger them with both.  Getting ammunition for this bad boy was always a joy.

The Speargun - Bioshock 2
    Pinning splicers to the wall was the highlight of this game, and if you went and recovered your spears you could keep your inventory full so the fun never had to end.

Chris's Pick: Proximity Mines - Goldeneye

Oh man, I cannot tell you how many hours were wasted on matches that involved just Proximity Mines.  Maybe I was playing as Dr. Doak, maybe I was hiding in the bathroom stall? Maybe both of these were always true.  Come and find me if you dare!

Did I miss your favorite weapon?  Did you want to see Dig Dug's pump or Luigi's Vacuum?  List your favorites in the comments.

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