Codemasters Humble Bundle Highlight

Recently, I reviewed DiRT Rally on the site and praised the visuals and honed game play and if you are interested in that series and some other decent games you should hit up the Codemasters Humble Bundle going on now.  The DiRT games typically held their value so to get your hands on the catalog is nice, plus you can get a 25% coupon off Rally with the bundle.  You will also get some racing palette cleansers like Overlord, Operation Flashpoint, and Hospital Tycoon.  They are set to announce more games in the middle tier, since it will also be from Codemasters most likely it will be one of their F1 titles or maybe even Toybox Turbos.  Personally, I am keen to try DiRT Showdown which has them loosening up and giving us some demolition mayhem.  While we spend this week giving thanks for our blessings in life, I think it is appropriate to donate a little money to charity and get some excellent games in the process.  

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