Nintendo Holiday 2015 Buyers Guide

The holidays are here again, time to check out our picks for the Nintendo Holiday 2015 Buyers guide!

The Systems

Time to upgrade to a New 3DS? Do you go with the XL or the smaller version with interchangeable faceplates? Or maybe you  have been waiting for a great bundle for the WiiU system to hit the shelves.

There definitely is no shortage of software from Nintendo this year! Check out some of our favorites for WiiU and 3DS:

The Accessories

Need a GameCube controller and a 4-player adapter? Nintendo has you covered. 3DS NFC Readers and retro pouches are trending as well.

Nintendo sure is one company that knows how to merchandise! From Amiibo figures to a giant-sized Link, Nintendo has you covered!

So what do you think? Do you have any of these Nintendo items on your wish list? I know I certainly do! We will visit Microsoft for our next Holiday 2015 Buyers guide soon!


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