Marvel Puzzle Quest to add more ways to get 4-5 Star Characters without money.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is my favorite mobile game (although it has since been added to consoles) but any game built on micro-transactions forges a love/hate relationship.  You are always suspect of how the game will try to extract money from you, and you always hate how people who seem to have infinite wells of money to spend will always be more powerful than you.  I think MPQ actually balances better than most, but each update I wonder if they will tip that balance.  The game made it very difficult to get powerful 4 star characters, and even as a daily player I don't keep my hopes up for getting them or being able to really power them up to a level that is useful.  Then they added Legendary tokens which would only grant you a 4-5 star character, but getting those also seem to be out of reach for almost any casual player so the problem wasn't solved.  Now they are releasing "Command Points" in an update this month which you will gain gradually like Gold Coins but can be redeemed toward those high level characters that you covet.  If you can ensure that people will get a 4 star character like Hulkbuster Iron Man just by playing casually every day I think people will be pleased with those increased odds.  

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