Happy 20th anniversary Rayman! Let's celebrate...on mobile?

Rayman Adventures

Rayman has been a staple of console, portable, and mobile gaming for over 20 years now, and it seems he has made an appearance on every platform possible.  From the Panasonic 3DO to the Nintendo 3DS, Rayman and his pals rarely disappoint. From platforming, to party games Rayman titles consistently have sold pretty well over the last few years.  The last major console outing was in 2013 with Rayman Legends. Currently, this has above a 90 average Metacritic score for current-gen platforms and PC. This game sold moderately well (over a million copies) and is still being sold today.

Ubisoft via a twitch stream yesterday announced that this December 3rd they will be releasing a brand new Rayman game called "Rayman Adventures" to celebrate the 20th anniversary of what could easily be the company's beloved mascot. However, plans for a console release are non-existent at this time. While I will agree that the Rayman Origins conversion on iOS is very well done, it's still awkward for me to execute exacting moves via the touchscreen.  I wonder if there will be other in-app purchases to obtain, maybe they are trying for a "freemium" software model.

Honestly, the game looks beautiful looking at the trailer above, and I must say I am a little bit sad that this is not a console followup to the past two amazing games.  I would even be happy with a digital download, just so I can play on the big screen with my Xbox One controller. Maybe Ubisoft will come through, or maybe they have other projects for Rayman that will be announced in 2016.  For now, I will just keep collecting Lums in Rayman Legends.

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