Thy Geekdom Con event coverage - November 14, 2015 Claymont, Delaware

Hands down, the coolest hammer at the convention.

Dean and I attended Thy Geekdom Con last Saturday which is a local event near our hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Hosted at the Crowne Plaza. We really didn't know what to expect as we had only seen a few quick pictures of previous events from their website.  Immediately I was very impressed by the amount of people who were cosplaying various video game characters, and I would say about half the attendees were in some sort of costume. Mario, Ness, Link, and many others were decked out in complex costumes, some that obviously took many hours to make.

These intricate Pokemon pearler bead art were some of the best at the show.

There was no shortage of vendors either with video game related merchandise available for purchase. Handmade pearler bead art, jewelry, artwork, coasters, soap and more were all present at various tables.  Not to mention the insane amount of toys, comic books, imported Japanese goods, and board games available as well.  We even were able to sample a new indie title that recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign called Sneaky Ninja that is scheduled to be released soon on various platforms.  The developers at Starfall Studios were nice enough to introduce us to the game, and give us pointers as we completed the first level.  (We hope to have a future review of Sneaky Ninja soon.)

Bobby (left) and Mason pick up a brand new board game called Middle Empire.

I definitely rummaged through this bucket for several minutes.

If I had to change anything at Thy Geekdom con, it would be two things. First, have two lines to get into the event. One for those who have pre-purchased, and one for those who need to buy tickets. The other minor gripe is the gaming area. This area was one of the most popular sections with tons of people playing Super Smash Bros. with many onlookers jamming up the area.  I would personally switch out the stage area to either be where the video game area was, or on the back wall of the main show floor.  The room where the stage was, I would line the area with tables with various video game consoles, and have more room for round tables for board games, and portable gaming. Gaming related vendors could also be placed here. 

My Thy Geekdom Con swag haul. Total spent -$20

Overall, for $5 to get in, it was well worth the price of admission. I would definitely attend Thy Geekdom Con again as it exceeded my expectations for a local con. There was plenty to see and purchase, whether it be a cool Mass Effect face painting or a new magical Harry Potter Wizard wand for your collection.  I ended up picking up a cool Yoshi Mario Kart toy for my son, a jumbo Mario eraser, and a complete set of 1990 McDonalds Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy meal toys. Everyone I encountered was very friendly, and the atmosphere was perfect for any geek to feel right at home. For more pictures of Thy Geekdom Con, check out our slideshow below: and we are going to reach out to many of the vendors who can sell online and cover some of their gaming merch in more detail for those who are interested.

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