DiRT Rally - Early Access Review for PC

DiRT Rally - Early Access Review

Quick Glance 

  • Platform - PC (Steam)
  • Players - 1 
  • Steam Achievements - Yes
  • Steam Cards - Yes
  • Retail - 49.99

High Level Premise - True to life rally car racing experience with an emphasis on unique road conditions under various lighting and weather changes.

Graphics/Style - A truly beautiful game based on real world locations and authentic flora and fauna to drive through.  This game is my new benchmark for video game beauty.

Music/Soundtrack - Only really heard while navigating the menus.  During the game you hear the engine and your environment, and of course your co-driver calling out the obstacles and turns.

Story - Nearly non-existent but while playing you do level up your cars and your engineers improve their respective skills.

Replay-ability - High. This game is about the search for excellence and perfection.  Can you set the best time for the course? Can you finish the course without taking damage? If you dig rally racing this game could be endless.

Time Commitment - Moderate. You can race a single event or marathon a series.  Since the game is single player you can pause mid course if you need to step away for a moment.

Value - High.  They release updates and new content weekly, and the existing game courses are magnificent. 

Favorite Element - I love the lighting challenges like rolling through the shadows of a wooded course, or tackling a night race.  The tension is real.

DiRT is just pretty, it is a beautiful game. However, it is also brutal.  These courses are not for the faint of heart, you need to respect the road conditions and pay close attention at all times.  I found playing this game i often went into a zen like zone where I knew nothing of the world except the car and the next hazard I had to overtake.  It was a wondrous thing, but then you misjudge a turn and slide off the road and curse yourself.  I did like the progression rewards so that even if you had a bad event you knew your crew and vehicle were leveling up in a way so you could do better next time. My only gripe would be that I think the game would benefit from a tutorial or something.  I found that I early on established some bad habits or was not tackling some hazards in the best fashion and if I had some advice early it would have really improved my performance.  Instead, I watched some online videos from people better than me to pick up some pointers.  This type of game isn't made very often and has a somewhat niche audience, and I am really glad they made such a quality game for those fans.  I would recommend checking the game out if you like racing simulators, if not watch a trailer at least to see those graphics in action.

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