Yo-Kai Watch for Nintendo 3DS Review

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: Nintendo 3DS
  • Players - 1 ; Multi-player battles over local wireless
  • Achievements - N/A
  • Retail Price - $39.99

Jibanyan knows how to kick some Yo-Kai butt.

High Level Premise - Monster collecting game similar to Pokemon but you catch ghosts. 

Graphics/Style - The game is very colorful, cut scenes are all Japanese animation. Very quirky, with humor embedded in the dialogue.

Music/Soundtrack - It's definitely music that you would think would be in a Japanese RPG, quirky and catchy it does the job.

Story - One of the most unique stories to date. You are Nate a kid who likes to catch bugs. You accidentally befriend a Yo-Kai ghost and he gives you a watch with the ability to see, search for, and utilize Yo-kai ghosts.

Replay-ability - There are several hundred Yo-Kai spirits to find within the game, tons of side quests to keep you busy.

Time Commitment - Easy to pick up and put down, save at any time.  You could spend a couple minutes in a single battle, or keep playing for several hours while you do that "one last objective"

Value - One of the freshest titles to come out for the Nintendo 3DS this year. For $39.99, you are paying MSRP, but you are getting an adventure that will last you hours of fun.

Favorite Element -  Jibanyan, the feline ghost that is training to fight trucks with his fists.

Whisper has charged you with the task of finding as many Yo-Kai as possible.

Yo-Kai Watch is an Adventure / RPG game developed by Level 5 for the Nintendo 3DS system. You control Nate, a bug catching kid who stumbles upon a mysterious spirit who gives Nate the Yo-Kai Watch. So what is a "Yo-Kai"? Well essentially it is a ghost or a spirit that is able to influence people with different traits both good and bad. Using the Yo-Kai Watch, Nate must travel around town locating Yo-Kai, battling them, and befriending them to use on his team. It's a pretty simple concept, and the battle system is more interactive than say a Pokemon game, as the player has to interact with his Yo-Kai on the touchscreen. This might be done by tapping, drawing, tracing, and more while the Yo-Kai automatically attack. Nate can issue items, execute special moves, and even revive Yo-Kai in battle. In addition, he can also configure six of his Yo-kai on his watch to create special team-up bonuses and can adjust on the dial as necessary in battle. There is a lot of humor that adults will get more than kids, and some of the dialogue is pretty zany. However, the game is bright, easy to play, and overall a lot of fun! Yo-Kai Watch is one of the Nintendo 3DS sleeper hits of 2015. Highly Recommended, check out our video review:

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