Fallout 4 fails to ship from Microsoft store with Preorder - The Fallout

While the gaming world all jumped on the hot new release of Fallout 4, I waited patiently by the door for mine to arrive.  When it got dark, I texted Chris who had also preordered through the Microsoft Store and he was already downloading the patches for it.  So I looked up my order online and it was showing as processing...not even shipped.  I called Microsoft and was first hung up on "by accident" and then told my credit card was being declined for 9.99 (I had a gift card paying the majority of the balance).  I paid with Paypal and they said they would ship it normal speed and it was all my fault.  I quickly called my credit card company upset with why I was being declined for 10 dollars I was told that Microsoft was trying to charge me ZERO dollars, which they of course approved.  If they had tried to authorize 9.99 it would have been approved and they have never declined a transaction between me and Microsoft.  Next I contacted Microsoft by chat to hope for a better interaction.  Kaye and eventually his manager Brian were unable to determine the cause of the error, would ship the game regular speed and offered a 10 dollar gift card off a future order.  So sadly no first impressions today, and I won't get the game until sometime next week.  I would strongly recommend against pre-ordering directly from Microsoft's store, as they apparently don't always know how credit cards work.  If it wasn't for that gift card I would have gone with Amazon, Best Buy, or Gamestop and be happy right now.

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