The Four Types of Super Mario Maker Levels

Super Mario Maker has generated over 1 million user created levels, which are all available to download or play from Nintendo's servers. However, all of these seem to fit into one of four categories.

1. The level that is way too easy.

This is the most common level of Super Mario Maker. This usually consists of a level that is very small in length, and has a ton of power-ups.  You know the one that starts you out with 20 stars, makes you run across a bridge of two Goombas and then you hit a flagpole in less than 10 seconds? Yeah, that was fun.  Or maybe the level that just has a "?" block that contains every Amiibo costume in the game, then makes you jump on a spring onto a high platform to get a 1-up at the flag pole.  Exhilarating!

Great. Thanks. That was a blast.

2. The level that is way too hard.

These are harder than Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels. This started way back when Mario creator tools were available and posting ROM files that had crazy levels embedded. A great example of this is the Kaizo levels.  These are insanity, and are way too hard. They force you to keep replaying the level so you can know what to do ahead of time, and feature situations that even Bowser himself would personally never put Mario through. Personally, I have no interest in playing these, and always get skipped.

A series of sadistic Super Mario World Kaizo levels.

3. The automated level.

Why is this all of the rage lately? I get it, it's neat that you can do all kinds of crazy stuff to progress Mario through the level automatically. Conveyors, Bullet Bills, Springs, etc. all can assist Mario to get to the flagpole without you ever touching a button.  This is neat in theory, but when playing a 10 or 100-Mario challenge, this completely messes up the flow of the game, and is totally boring. I respect all of the hard work that has gone into these, but after playing two or three of these, I just want to skip them all.

I didn't even have to PLAY it! So fun!

4. The well thought-out level.

These are a rarity for sure. Levels like this show the true spirit of Super Mario Bros.  Classic platforming, enemies that are spaced out, unique elements, themes, and more. Unicorns like this seem few and far between when playing the challenges in Super Mario Maker.  Initially, I thought it would be easy to find good levels, because people can "star" the levels they think are good.  Unfortunately, it ends up being a mix of levels that are all automated or just plain way too hard. Nintendo should release a patch that would include to highlight levels that THEY think are worth playing. Call it "Miyamoto's Choice" or something like that.  I have started to come up with a list of my own and making sure I favorite makers that constantly churn out quality levels.  I can then download them, put them into the Course Designer and play a bunch of levels back to back that are actually fun to play. Here are some of my favorites:

First up we have "BadBoy78" from Reddit who has composed a series of the Game Boy Advance e-reader card levels. Not surprisingly, these are amazing considering they were originally developed by Nintendo. Great job!

You could scan these in with your Game Boy Advance e-Reader accessory and the level would be playable.

You could scan these in with your Game Boy Advance e-Reader accessory and the level would be playable.

The level on the card (left) recreated in Super Mario Maker.

The level on the card (left) recreated in Super Mario Maker.

E-1 Wild Ride in the Sky: 2B4B 0000 007B 5343
E-3 Bomb Volley: FE1E 0000 007B 53BC
E-4 Pipes O'Plenty: F5F3 0000 007B 546E
E-5 Bombarded by Bob-Ombs: 1209 0000 007B 559D
E-6 Magical Note Blocks: 4388 0000 007B 5682
E-7 The Ol' Switcheroo: 8F1F 0000 007B C071
E-8 Piped Full of Piranhas: 6078 0000 007B E3D8
E-9 Swinging Bars of Doom: 7742 0000 007D F093
E-10 Para Beetle Challenge: 656C 0000 007E 1CC9
E-11 Magical Note Blocks 2: B3DB 0000 0080 4E1C
E-12 Airship 1: 660E 0000 0081 0A27
E-13 Chill Cavern: A8C9 0000 0081 33FA
E-16 Castle a Go-Go: BC9E 0000 0082 FFF5
E-17 Frappe Snowland: 3245 0000 0083 25D7
E-18 Frozen Fortress: A403 0000 0084 0A35
E-19 Brick Maze: 2967 0000 0085 E914
E-21 60 Seconds: 3A6B 0000 0087 5003
E-22 Ropeland: 81A6 0000 0087 E28E
E-24 Clear Skies: B111 0000 0084 2101
E-25 Koopahari Cavern: 637A 0000 008A CB63
E-26 Aqua Bars of Doom: 3305 0000 008B 706A
E-27 The Gauntlet: EF71 0000 008C BC39
E-28 Hammer Bro. Ship: 240D 0000 008E C639
E-29 Bowser's Airship - Part 1: 1E56 0000 008F 0485
E-30 Bowser's Airship - Part 2: FFD8 0000 008F 9487

E-Promo Level: Airship's Revenge: DFAB 0000 0094 7098
E-Promo Level: Spike Fortress: 718C 0000 0094 730D
E-Promo Level: Mad Dash: B743 0000 0094 76CB

In addition, I want to give a shout out to My friends Dave B. & Dave W. who have created some really cool levels. Dave B. has recreated the levels from Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. 

"1981": 7752-0000-0029-8B2D
"1982": 61D5-0000-002E-4628

Dave W. Has created a neat little level that takes a little Skill and a lot of luck to complete. Who knew Wii Fit training could be so hard?

"Wii Fit Training": 033C-0000-0024-57EF

There are a ton of really good levels out there, make sure you "star" your favorite creators and follow the ones that you know are going to consistently churn out great courses. As I find more awesome levels, I hope to share in a future post.

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