Mute Crimson + Review - Ninja Smooth Platforming

I will not be defeated during an eclipse!

I will not be defeated during an eclipse!

Mute Crimson +

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PC/Mac
  • Players - 1
  • Achievements - Yes
  • Steam Cards - Yes
  • Controller Support - Full

High Level Premise - A classic platformer like Ninja Gaiden or Super Meat Boy with an emphasis on perfectly timed jumps and attacks to conquer each level.

Graphics/Style - Stylized Black and White with Red being the main contrast color for blood and some hazards.  Nice simplistic pixel art that occasionally really pops.  

Music/Soundtrack - An NES/Famicon compliant chiptune soundtrack that is good enough to be sold separately  for 3 bucks featuring over 40 songs.  

Story - Like a classic platformer it is pretty basic, but the cutscenes lovingly have purposefully butchered dialogue like "I will stopping you, Monsters!"

Replay-ability - If you love time challenges or want to collect all the difficult to obtain collectible coins you could play this game for a long time.  

Time Commitment - This game saves often so you can play for a short session and accomplish a few things, but you will likely get sucked into a "one more try/level" loop.  

Value - It was just released in mid August at 5 bucks.  I think for a well polished Retro game that is a strong bargain.  

Favorite Element - I enjoyed the cut-scenes to see the artwork shine

Iced Lizard Games who previously released Null Divide + (another retro inspired game) are only a two man operation but delivered a game that is a strong new entry to the platforming genre.  First, I think that the game is tough but fair which is a very fine line to walk with these games.  You want to reward perfect timing and require your players to master the gameplay without making every level a chore to complete.  Each level has many save points with a lighting quick reload time so if you get caught navigating a particular section most likely you have a save point very close to allow you to replay that section until you get it down.  Games that make me repeat too much of the level to try again on a hard part often never get picked up again.  Second, this game doesn't get bogged down with needless anything.  They made the gameplay the focus, dressed it in a nice style evocative of the great NES era and made a groovy soundtrack to match.  I think when you focus on gameplay you usually come out winning and this game is no different.  For 5 dollars you can't go wrong.  

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