Unboxing my custom laptop from XoticPc - And some first impressions

Lando shows all my new toys the ropes.

Lando shows all my new toys the ropes.

Yesterday, my custom laptop arrived.  For those keeping track of time that was 22 days since the order, or 16 business days which is how it they calculate it.  It was sent with free ground FedEx shipping as part of a promotion so since Friday of last week it was out of their hands.  I had paid for a "Rush" build so keep that in mind.  There was a delay during the build as they waited for an external cooling accessory to get restocked.  I called and spoke to them to ask if they could begin the build and not wait for an accessory that is not part of the laptop itself.  They agreed if I was willing to pay for separate shipping, but then they waited anyway and a few days later the cooler arrived and it was quickly built and shipped.  If your order doesn't have any backordered items, I imagine it would be done faster, but since they will delay the build for any item being missing, I would recommend buying your accessories in another order so they don't gum up the works.

To recap, I ordered a MSI GT72S Dominator G-037.  It is mostly stock with a couple custom upgrades like more Ram and a Factory restore disk set (Cuz I am old school like that).  The "Rush" option I added also came with a free "White Glove Premium Packaging" bonus which can be seen in the unboxing video.  I would normally skip such an extra expense but after opening it up I can't imagine how it could be damaged in transit and when buying an expensive piece of electronics that is security worth having.  My purchase from MSI came with some free accessories but you did not know what you were going to get, in my case I got a silicone keyboard cover, a stuffed MSI Red Dragon, a heavy gauge set of MSI dogtags, a Branded Steel Series Siberia V/2 gaming headset, and a Hermes backpack with MSI's logo.  It was quite a haul of freebies.  I delayed buying another gaming mouse since I didn't know if I was going to get one for free so now another shopping search is about to begin.

This is my first gaming laptop, so I am unable to really compare it to anything other than the desktops I have employed and a cheap Toshiba laptop that I used in college (that still kinda works as a portable DVD player).  That being said I am pretty impressed with the device and I look forward to rocking out some new games. This is most likely the device future reviews from me will be played upon as its portability makes it easier for me to play while watching my infant baby girl.

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