Burnout is back Baby! (Spiritually)

Burnout Revenge - Xbox 360
By Artist Not Provided

Remember Burnout? That awesome game during the XBOX / PS2 era where you drove cars and the object was to crash into them? Of course you do! Well, the developers have left Criterion and EA and now have formed their own studio Three Fields Entertainment.  Don't let the peaceful website fool you, these are the same guys that brought you all of the smashing, car crashing havoc that we all come to love.  Personally for me my favorite game in the series is Burnout Revenge for Xbox 360, a game I still own today. Burnout 3: Takedown is also quite good, just being edged out by it's sequel due to the graphics obviously being better on the 360 game.

Other spin-offs throughout the years were released with hit or miss results.  Burnout Dominator (Not developed by Criterion) was lackluster. Burnout Crash was a great time waster on iOS, 360, Android, and PSN, and was the last official Burnout game to be released in 2011.  I personally was not a fan of Burnout Paradise, because I was tired of failing the missions over and over again and having to return to the start. (This may have been patched later, I am unsure.) 

Three Fields Entertainment tweeted today that they are currently working on a multiplayer sports title, and then they will follow-up with a driving game that is a "spiritual successor". Check out their Tweets below:

Who else is looking forward to seeing another Burnout game? Let's hope it is closer to 3 and Revenge than an open world Burnout Paradise.  Also, lets get this game on a disc! I really would love to see it sit next to the other games in the franchise. Hopefully this comes in 2016, I think it would make a great holiday release.  For now, I think I will dust off my 360 and take Burnout Revenge for a spin.

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