Fatal Frame WiiU - First 30 minutes of gameplay leaked

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Limited Edition (Japan / Europe only)

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Limited Edition (Japan / Europe only)

One of the most underrated, under hyped games of this year is coming out soon to North America, but no one seems aware.  Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is already released in Japan, and makes its way to the Nintendo WiiU eShop later this month. The series has not gotten a proper sequel in the United States since Fatal Frame III: The Tormented was released ten years ago.  In between that time, there was a Wii game that was released called Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar eclipse, but was only released in Japan.  Fortunately, console modders and translators have made a fan translation available to those who desperately seek it. It is a disappointment that we are not receiving the cool physical Limited Edition that Japan will receive, but I am glad we are at least getting the game in some form here in the US. Most likely die-hard Fatal Frame fans will import a copy of this limited edition, since so few merchandise relating to the Fatal Frame series is available. Today we bring you the first 30 minutes of the upcoming WiiU release, which looks to be very scary. Spoilers ahead.

We hope to review of Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse from us later this year, the game releases on October 22nd on the Nintendo eShop.

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