Verdun - WW1 getting its FPS video game due

I have been a First Person Shooter fan for a long time and recently I was lamenting that no war prior to WW2 was really represented well in the genre for obvious gameplay reasons due to the strategies and equipment of their era.  People are used to frantic wild action with machine guns and quick resolution.  World War 1 was largely battles of attrition waged slowly in trenches with bolt action rifles where victories were often being measured in inches.  I was pleased to find that the game Verdun had slipped my radar when released in April and is the first multiplayer FPS game set in this time frame.  

If you are growing tired of Call of Duty and want to explore a different type of battle where you are terrified to lift your head out of the trench, or the claustrophobia of fighting while wearing a gas mask makes you jump at every motion in your periphery, this might be the game for you.  Or maybe you want a cooperative game where flanking and troop movement are crucial to winning or losing, either way I think this game is worth your time.  And I hope this game is popular enough that some other wars and conflicts get translated into this form, sometimes a genre can get stale and this stirs the pot with a few fresh ingredients. 

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