The Rise of Iron Breathes New Life Into Destiny

The Rise of Iron was released and Chris and I had both preordered it so we could jump right into the action.  First thing I did was run to the Tower to see what goodies I was being granted (Pre-Order Bonuses) and I was surprised to see that I have an item to instantly level a character up to level 40 which is the maximum.  I think about the hours it would take to unlock all their abilities, shudder, and continue with my tried and true Hunter.  I was given a special version of a massive rocket launcher called the Iron Gjallarhorn, but it is a skin and I do not have the launcher to put it on, so I am sad.  But I also got a new Iron Gjallarwing Sparrow which is like the Star Wars Speeder Bike and it has a cartoonishly loud air horn blast.  This is the true prize, and even though most people in the game seem to have it as well I am delighted to finally have an elite fast Sparrow and the ability to scare birds with my horn whenever I feel so led.  The light level which is the main way you upgrade your character’s power in the game was lifted and immediately we need to spend our in game currency and try to bridge the gap to the new baseline of 350.  You can buy some items to get right to it, but sadly neither of us saved enough to do that quickly like we imagine most of the vets of the series have done.  Another reminder that we are still relatively new to the series and we will have to grind to get to our goal.  The game also helps you with better grinding rewards.  Most of the blue or better items will be revealed to be slightly better than what you have so you are constantly swapping and absorbing your way up to 350.  Also the rewards for much of the in game action is better, like events often grant a list of items instead of the paltry nonsense you may have gotten in the past.  The endless quest for loot is re-engaged!
We have only sampled a few of the missions but they have been decent with a different feel than much of what came before it.  We hope to meet up with some people to check out a new raid but in honesty we probably need to grind again to be useful enough to help on such a quest.  Ultimately, the expansion was good enough to draw us back in to the game (Sorry Madden) and we will post some more updates as we get deeper into the expansion.

The Iron Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher and iron gjallarwing Sparrow were our rewards for preordering the rise of Iron expansion.

Chris Says: Destiny is more fun than ever, especially when receiving the bonuses that Dean described above. We are advancing in light levels quickly, I think I am a 334 as of this post. This has helped us greatly in acquiring weapons and other gear to take down Taken Zealots just the two of us, which seems to be a requirement in a lot of the side missions for the Taken King. We really have not delved into the main Rise of Iron story-line yet, but I am okay with this, as we still have plenty of missions to do from the previous expansions. These earns Legendary Marks, and sometimes a Legendary or Exotic Engram which can be traded in back at the Tower for an awesome item, which usually is way higher than what your current light level is. I am really looking forward to the Rise of Iron missions, because the variety of landscapes that I have seen in gameplay videos are a nice change of pace from the standard Mars terrain, or the junkyard of the Cosmodrome.

We have noticed that end bosses in the missions we are playing are consistently getting harder.  Last night, we played a mission called Fear's Embrace on the Phobos moon of Mars where the culminating boss battle was a circular room with a platform on the outer ring.  In the middle awaited the Echo of Oryx who summoned masses of Taken Psions, Phalanx, and Minotaurs.  In that center are where the boss lies, a poisonous gas fills the floor, hurting your character until you flee.  But be careful, because on the outer ring are jet engines in the ceiling that randomly shoot flames at you. It's a bit of a dance, but it's definitely doable with two people at a decent light level.  I will say this is the most that Dean and I have perished on a mission in a long time. It was a blast though, and the sense of accomplishment that it brought was something we had not seen in awhile.  Hopefully the next couple are just as challenging, if not more. There also was a news piece this week that a very rare weapon can be found within the new Rise of Iron raids, where a puzzle must be solved prior to acquiring this rare piece of equipment. Sometime soon I hope to investigate into the Rise of Iron missions to seek out this mythical weapon. Stay tuned Guardians.

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Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas - PlayStation 4 Review

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Quick Glance:

  • Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, iOS
  • Players – 1
  • Achievements – Yes, trophies/achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards - Yes
  • Controller Support - Yes, Full
  • Retail Price - $14.99 on console, $8.99 on mobile

High Level Premise – Classic Action/Adventure dungeon crawler

Graphics/Style – 2.5D animated action adventure

Music/Soundtrack – Enjoy a soundtrack composed by Kenji Ito (Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana series)

Story – Embark on a quest to defeat the most dangerous creature of the sea, Oceanhorn
Replay-ability – Moderately Low – Trophies/achievements allow for some extra meddling among the world.

Time Commitment – 12-15 hours for quest completion

Value – Moderately high, as Oceanhorn provides a “Grade A” polished experience on console.

Favorite Element – Vibrant and variable environments are inviting and fun to explore!

Puzzles are challenging, yet enjoyable to solve.

Sean says:  Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is the mobile love-song to the classic Zelda titles of yesterday.  The great success it’s had on the iOS platform has allowed it to branch out among consoles, offering the same great experience, now with tangible controls.  Its roots are deeply tied to the overhead exploration of the action/adventure games of the past, all the while maintaining a fresh balance of old & new, and bringing along a unique style of its own.

    You would be forgiven for not knowing the origin of Oceanhorn was on mobile prior to these terrific console ports.  Everything from the visuals, mechanics, controls, and music display little resemblance of having mobile origins.  In fact, I was unaware of this until doing a bit of research on the title after several hours deep into the adventure.  The game absolutely feels at home on console, with the controls feeling more than natural using the DualShock 4 controller (as reviewed).  

Dat boat tho.

With that being said, it blows my mind as to why Cornfox & Bros, along with publisher FDG Entertainment held off on announcing a PlayStation Vita port until several days ago.  Knowing that the game is capable of running on mobile platforms, it would have been a no-brainer to bring Oceanhorn to the Vita first.  The platform has a large attach rate overall, with a release forecast that is becoming drier by the month.  Coming in at $14.99 with full trophy support and tangible controls, the creators could have cleaned house if the Vita port was released at the right time.  While better late than never, there is little to revisit when the Vita version drops, unless of course it contains its own stackable trophy set (wishful thinking).

All in all, Oceanhorn is a great Action/Adventure tribute to yesterday.  The small price of admission for this excellent experience offers a tremendous value within its pint-sized adventure.  While the absence of a Vita port feels like a missed opportunity during its console launch, Oceanhorn is sure to please just about anyone looking for a spoonful of nostalgia on their console this fall.

A familiar scene!

Gareth says:  A solid tribute to the Zelda games that all of us here on Gaming with Swag grew up with.   It does a great job sticking to a tired and true formula, while still sticking out as a fresh and new game of its own.  A quick and enjoyable title that will leave many with a pleasant experience. The game takes place in a world where the ocean is vast and calls to be explored.  As you progress through the game, more and more islands become available for you to explore.  The islands may be small with just a few treasures to be found, or huge islands that are part of the main story and take some time to fully explore.  The world is colorful and never feels dull.  Each island has its own feeling to it, which keeps the game progression fresh.

Gameplay is like any Zelda from the 8 and 16-bit eras.  Swords, bows, and bombs are available for the player to take down the enemies.  The enemies all have a health bar which is a nice addition.  For every enemy defeated, chest found, or task completed, the player is awarded XP.  Leveling up and collecting experience is always a nice addition to any game.  Now that I think of it, it is almost expected at this point.  It is hard to find a game that doesn't include some form of RPG elements these days, so when a game doesn't include any, it always leaves me feeling a bit empty.  Puzzles difficulty progresses slightly, but never really gets to the point where you will need to refer to a strategy guide often.  

Guess who else likes to also smash pots?

The story is here and isn't really good or bad.  It is the story of a boy out on a mission that he has had since he was born.  A deeper story is always welcomed but not really necessary in this game.  From what I have read, the sequel to this game will be more like the 64 games so I will be expecting there to be more from that.  This was a solid tribute to the first runs of Zelda, where the story was never the main focus.  

Oceanhorn is a game that will be great if you are feeling nostalgic and would like to step away from current games.  A fantastic pickup for a long weekend that can be started and finished leaving you feeling satisfied.  For people like us that don't have all that much time to put into games, this feels like a perfect fit.  I have yet to turn on the Witcher 3 because every time it crosses my mind, I think of hours and hours of commitment that I just can't put into it.  With the situation I am in now, Oceanhorn provides an experience that suits me better.

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas comes to Steam as remastered version! Join the adventure 17th of March and unravel the mystery of Oceanhorn! Steam link: Follow us:,

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Throwback Thursday - Heiankyo Alien for Game Boy

Heiankyo Alien was one of the first games I ever played on Game Boy.  This was well before I got my own Game Boy and I yearned for the device to play more of this addictive little game were you are trapped on a board similar to a Bomberman level with aliens and your only defense is to dig a hole and when they fall in quickly bury them before they escape.  The premise is simple but hard to master and your scoring rewards your quickness.  You can’t space your traps too much or you won’t be able to get over to fill in a trap fast enough.  You also need to create a safe area where there is no way to get at you without dealing with one of your holes.  The game was the pioneer for Trap ‘Em Up games and curiously was not designed by a game studio but a team of student programmers from the University of Tokyo.  This game shares DNA with other popular games like the aforementioned Bomberman, Dig Dug 2, Space Panic (which is basically a knock off), and Lode Runner.  This game probably means more to me than most, and for years I actually thought it was "Heianky Alien" as the “O” has an alien in it on the cover of the game and since I don’t speak Japanese both words were equally gibberish/valid to me.  You may not often crave playing games in black and white, but if you do give this one a chance.

Editor's Note - I never actually played this until later in life, however when I was younger I did have a similar trap 'em up game for Game Boy - "Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World" which is also excellent. -Chris

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River City: Tokyo Rumble releases tomorrow but supplies are limited!!!

As you might have guessed, Dean and I are huge fans of the Nintendo game River City Ransom. A 2-D beat'em up with RPG-like elements, this is one of those games that was way ahead of its time. Over the years remakes and spinoffs have been released, but a sequel is finally coming to the United States in the form of River City: Tokyo Rumble.  Even better, it releases tomorrow on the eShop and as a physical edition only sold on When purchasing on Amazon, you will also receive a limited edition 8-bit Kunio keychain, in which he is performing his Dragon Feet technique.

Some other cool features in this Nintendo 3DS game are dodgeball matches (from the popular NES Super Dodgeball game), and a 4-player versus mode. Natsume has claimed that preorders for the physical edition will start mid-day tomorrow, but no exact time has been directly stated. If you want a physical copy, I highly recommend having your F5 key ready on the Amazon product page. Supplies will be very limited, and once they are gone, you will be at the mercy of the eBay scalpers. After all, you don't want to be that guy, BARF!

Kunio is back and ready to rumble!

I am really liking the use of the second screen for maps and inventory.

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Super Mario Bros. Monopoly Review - A True Collector's Piece

Everything seems to have a Monopoly game these days. Any license they can get whether it be sports teams, cities, cartoon characters, or just animals.  Monopoly is perfect for this, because the game isn't drastically changed by adding a new set of graphics, and being done with it.  I remember when the first version of Nintendo Monopoly came out, I was so excited to rip it open and check out all of the cool Nintendo related characters that were scattered around the board. It was serviceable, but ultimately I put it back into the box and on the shelf to collect dust.

The first thing you have to know about Monopoly, is that people play the wrong way. I don't care what your house rules say, they're wrong. As you read the manual, you will find out that no money is supposed to go in the middle for Free Parking, and you can pass on a property and let it go free until someone lands on it.  Typically Monopoly should only take around 45 minutes max. The goal is to acquire properties the fastest, and bankrupt your opponents as fast as possible. It's a game that people both love and hate, and has to be the number one board game to cause arguments between players (and friends!) With that all being said, I feel like the best part of the game is making up rules, sometimes as you go along! This allows for variations in gameplay, making the game more interesting.

The Super Mario Bros. Monopoly game board.

USAopoly has done a wonderful job with this license. Instead of focusing on the newer Mario artwork which is plentiful, they decided to go for a retro approach and focus on the original Super Mario Bros. 8-bit Nintendo video game. Speaking of which, the gang is all here! The spaces on the board all represent levels, obstacles, and items from Super Mario Bros. On the "? Block" and "Warp Pipe" cards (Chance and Community Chest) the cards have been modified to feature Mario and friends for a bonus or setback.

The brightly colored plastic pieces are a welcomed change from the standard pewter tokens.

The graphics on the board are brightly colored, and it looks really sharp. The houses and hotels have been replaced with end level green flag poles and brown castles respectively. Players can pick from avatar tokens of their favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, a Super Mushroom and a 1-Up Mushroom. The properties are based on various levels throughout the Super Mario Bros. game, sporting a real in-game scene from that particular level. The cards for each property are beautiful, with the same image on the back of the card for when it is mortgaged. Almost everything in the game has been modified or changed in some way, with the exception of Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail. Easily this could have been phoned in, replacing properties with Mario characters with art supplied by Nintendo. However this is not the case. The attention to detail will make any retro gamer or Super Mario Bros. fan joyful! I can see this game doing exceptionally well this holiday season as the perfect gift for that gamer in your life. Overall, USAopoly has done a wonderful job with this license and I look forward to see what other tabletop games they can come up with using video game properties. Check out our unboxing and review video below:

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Throwback Thursday - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game

Finding Brotherhood and Camaraderie with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game

Few things bring strangers together like 2D, 4-player side-scrolling arcade machines. As a shy child who was the youngest of 5-siblings, I always saw myself as small and weak, and I was often afraid of encountering other children in public. Video games changed all that; well…kinda-sorta…sometimes. The 4-player arcade side-scrolling games that hit arcades in the early 90's created unity. An albeit brief community of strangers or friends rallied together in a common goal, embracing one another as compatriots, and ultimately celebrated as a team when a victory was achieved. For a moment in time, you and others became partners in crime-fighting and defending whatever world served as the setting for your game. PLUS, these action-packed adventures usually involved killing robots, and I am all about violence on robots (and demons) rather than people.  

(Dean’s Editing Note – I would like to apologize to the English challenged robot commenters that frequent our articles and spit out nonsensical word streams that almost become poetry.  CJ’s violent thoughts toward your race are his alone and not those of

In what other video game can you fight two robots piloting helicopters while riding a jet-powered skateboard?

In what other video game can you fight two robots piloting helicopters while riding a jet-powered skateboard?

I adored teaming up with strangers on games like X-men, Avengers, or The Simpsons Arcade Game. But more than any other game I recall, nothing brought together a fellowship of strangers like the legendary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game. Given the craze surrounding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the late 80’s and early 90’s, it’s no surprise that this machine became a staple of arcades throughout the U.S., and it seemed that everyone has played it at least once. In fact, from what I recall, players usually had their primary character, plus a backup because they had played often enough to have needed a secondary favorite to choose when their first choice was already taken.

(Dean’s Editor Note - I am just guessing, but CJ almost always loved the moral leaders in his pop culture like Cyclops from the X-Men, Duke from GI JOE so I bet he loved Leonardo.  I was Donatello and that long bo staff ALL DAY!)

Bebop and Rocksteady are no match for Don's bo staff.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles boasted wonderful colors, easy gameplay, and an overall sense of fun and adventure, as the four brothers –Leo, Donny, Mikey, and Raph---faced an army of Foot clan ninjas in a variety of colors, as well as prominent villains like Bebop and Rocksteady. Level after level, the turtles would jump-kick, flip, and fight their way through a bevy of foes, while eating health pizzas and occasionally respawning back into action with their weapon at the ready. Like so many arcade games of the time, I never beat this game---not even after it was ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (Titled, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game”); but beating the game was not the point. Destroying Mousers was the point. Having fun was the point. Thinking back on the arcades of my youth my mind locks in on the digital Ninja Turtles and my joy spending time with them and the nostalgia hasn’t waned. And speaking of nostalgia check these crazy awesome, limited edish SDCC Exclusives based on the game. Radical!

--Old School C.J.

(Dean’s Editor Note – I find it ludicrous that CJ never beat the game, when I popped my quarters in it was a commitment between me and God that Shredder would be no more, and the quarters required were the real testament of skill. “I beat the game for $2.75!” or “I was all alone for the end and it cost $6.25 to beat it”.) 

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Next Gen Dave shows a new way to level up quickly in Pay Day 2

Next Gen Dave has been playing Pay Day 2 a lot recently, and he has found a new way to level up quickly with the latest update. Check out his tutorial in the video below! Don't forget to Subscribe!

I show you the fastest way to get 100.00xp in under 6 minutes start to finish Solo Overkill. If you do with friends you will get even more XP for crew bonus. Enjoy! Click to Subscribe ► Let me hear your thoughts on what you think of this gameplay video.

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Versus Con - Stanton, DE September 17th, 2016 Review

This artist created button designs that were of the highest quality.

One of the coolest items was a vendor that made clocks by carving out vinyl records.

The creators of Galactic Con launched a new convention in Delaware that focused on Gaming, especially tabletop Gaming.  Since it was in our neck of the woods we wanted to check it out and see if they could relieve us of some of our money.  The event took place in the Gymnasium of Delaware Tech’s Stanton Campus, and the walls were lined with vendors while the middle was filled with games and people playing them.  There were a few consoles set up for video games but they did not seem to be as active as the tables.  There was a decent contingent of MTG players and a table designed for Car Wars players.  The other tables were playing random games that people bought, brought, or borrowed (from a community table offered). 

This artist had some excellent video game character prints for purchase.

The vendors were primarily artists and crafty individuals who made pretty things inspired by games and other pop culture items like you would see at most comic conventions.  The most prominent name was Anthony Spay who does artwork for Marvel in the upcoming Secret Wars expansions for Legendary and has done art for popular series like Warhammer.  We also met the most knowledgeable Pop Cap salesmen in existence who showed me some pictures of the upcoming Street Fighter line which was one of my first articles and I am officially taking credit for it.

Games to play both tabletop and console

King of Tokyo, one of our favorites.

We bought a few trinkets (Dean likes to add a Button to his lanyard at each event) and Delaware’s premier The Comic Book Shop had some Dicemasters packs at 2 for a $1, but our biggest acquisition was The Devil’s Playground which is a locally designed game that seemed intriguing.  It looks like a game that is as good as your group of friends playing it, and the potential seems strong.  We hope to play test it soon and post a review and video so check back with us on that.

Dax the creator of the board game Devil's Playground.

Devil's Playground board game demonstrated for a small crowd of us.

I think if the foot traffic was to kick up this event could have some legs, hopefully the show runners and vendors did well enough for them to grow the event next year.  I think there were some opportunitiesfrom a marketing and website stand point that could bring a bigger crowd next year as they get more infrastructure in place for it.  If they host again, we will come and check it out.

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Street Fighter POP! Vinyl Figures are now available for preorder!

Debuting at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, the officially licensed Street Fighter Pop! Vinyl figures were released and sold out immediately. Featuring World Warriors spanning multiple generations, your favorite characters are now ready to come to your home and sit on your shelf this Fall. Releasing November 4th, Blanka, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Cammy, Balrog, Hot Ryu, and Dan will all be available to purchase.  Actually, all eight are available to preorder right now on Amazon (Below). It's interesting this initial selection of characters, I am surprised the original eight world warriors were not in the first wave. I would assume this is because another wave is coming, because classic characters like E. Honda, Dhalsim, Zangief, and Guile are all absent from this round. Not to mention bosses like Vega, Sagat and M. Bison, and the rest of the Super Street Fighter II characters. The Street Fighter universe is massive, so additional waves could continue to release for quite some time. Alternate colors for characters, Evil Ryu, and characters from the newer games are all possibilities. This makes total sense for Funko to team up with Capcom for this awesome line of figures. After all, Dean called it over a year ago.

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Planet Coaster Preview - Out of this World

It has been roughly 12 years since a Roller Coaster Tycoon game has graced our computer screens. Why do I bring up Roller Coaster Tycoon when discussing Planet Coaster? Because Planet Coaster is being developed by the same company that made RCT3. And given the fact that early reviews of the "official" new Roller Coaster Tycoon game are less than good, Planet Coaster just may be the relaunch of the amusement park tycoon style game we all deserve.

The menu screen with my personal avatar.

This is a preview of an Alpha Build of the game, many things will likely change.

Planet Coaster is a theme park construction kit / business simulator. After playing this Alpha build for a few hours, it doesn't feel like it is doing anything terribly new, but it is doing the basic things extremely well. There will be (at least) three modes in the game: Challenge (just like every RCT game), Sandbox (Hooray!), and Career. Right now, only Challenge and Sandbox are open, and the Challenge mode is basically one scenario which the sandbox mode with a money limit set in two different places.

When you get into the game, you'll notice the general graphics aren't mind-blowing, but they are very crisp, clear, and a bit cartoonish - living up to the feel of the RCT franchise. I really enjoy the clean menu bar interface at the bottom of the screen on the building screen. When RCT3 was out,  Frontier used a kind of bubble menu system. It was harder for me to find what I wanted, which led to most of my frustration with that game (I may not have mentioned it, but I wasn't a big fan of RCT3, though I recognize it is regarded well critically).

The humble beginnings of Scooterland: at dusk

I will say, however, that the lighting effects, especially the twilight and dawn hours of the day are spectacular. You see the shadows lengthen in real time, you watch the lights to your rides turn on...the park comes to life at night. I suspect a lot of people are going to be using snapshots of their roller coasters set against the setting sun as computer desktop images.

The million dollar question is this: "How is the coaster building?" From what I've had a chance to play with so far, it's easy...but robust. In the alpha, they give you access to roughly 20 steel coaster designs. A little bit of a bummer because I am much more of a wood coaster fan, but sacrifices do need to be made for the cause.

A look at my first coaster creation in progress

Coaster building didn't take long to get used to. It felt like a fairly natural process. The piece you are going to add is shown on screen, you can lengthen or shorten it, raise or lower it, curve it, and bank it. Once you're happy with your choices, just left click, and voila! It's there. You have quite a bit of control over the angles of drops, rises and turns. I like the ability to edit even short parts of individual track pieces. Nothing like coming out of a cobra roll, and into a section that feels like driving down a brick road at 75 MPH to shake some teeth loose. There is a lot of control at your fingertips.

All that being said, I'm TERRIBLE at coaster building. I know this because Planet Coaster has on-ride cameras, so you can watch your rides as though you were on them, in a dramatic multi-camera presentation, or by pointing a camera at the guests as they ride. So, my first creation was a launched coaster with a 90 degree rise, followed by a steep drop. I guess it was a bit too steep because my entire went from unconscious. Whoops. After the ride was over, 100% of the riders walked into the First Aid booth...whoops again.

I don't think my riders liked it...(the riders up front are unconscious)

Planet Coaster includes Steam Workshop support, and already there are tremendously creative rides and buildings made by people far more talented and patient than I am. You can customize seemingly everything except for the flat rides. You can construct a simple custom burger stand to a detailed replica of Hogwarts. I feel like there is going to be a tremendous creative community behind this game, and we're all better off for it.

So far, I have only come across a couple of glitches and bugs with the game. I have noticed a few instances of graphics clipping / jumping. Sometimes I'm working on a ride, and it flashes some terrain from off screen. I've encountered no slow down, even on the first person ride-throughs, a recent update helped optimize some things - I've gone from a steady 25 FPS to 37 FPS, and my system isn't bleeding edge by any stretch.

Behold! The Burger Castle!

I've also had a few issues just placing stuff right where I want it to go. Especially trying to connect ride ticket booths to the main pathway. Eventually I got it, but it's a bit more of an art than a science. I suspect some of these kinds of issues will be sorted out when they get to the tutorial...almost everything I've figured out in the game has been through tinkering, guessing, and 10+ year old muscle memory.

About the only thing I would really like to see added is a way to actually design flat rides from scratch. I'm envisioning stuff like a double-decker carousel, but the upper level vehicles are on Scrambler arms.

Have I mentioned how great the lighting effects are?

So far, Planet Coaster is lining up to be the next great Tycoon-style game. I'm extremely intrigued to see what the career mode holds, what kind of online play options will be available, what kinds of wood roller coaster designs I'll be able to play with, will there be any more "classic" ride types included,and most importantly- if I'll get my tunnels so I can finally build the underground looping coaster of my dreams.

Coming Soon to PC, Planet Coaster.

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